On the official pages of online casinos and in the many reviews they related you have certainly noticed the great offer of bonuses. But what are casino bonuses really? Do they really give away free money? Well, it depends on the point of view. What is certain is that to take advantage of that money you have to play on the site where you get a certain amount, since the main goal is to have new customers try out your games. But how do these bonuses work in detail? We will see this in this article. If you have any questions, please contact us.

Betting Requirements

The key principle is that in order to be able to cash in (in the sense of withdrawing on your card or by wire transfer) the amount of money received as a bonus you have to play it a certain number of times. This number is the wagering requirement. One of the questions to ask in this case is: does it apply only to the bonus received or to the entire bankroll? There’s a big difference.

“Bankroll Playthrough” Gaming Requirements

This term refers to a play requirement that includes the sum of your deposit, in addition to the sum of the bonus. For example, if I deposit 50 (getting 50 as a bonus) and the “bankroll playthrought” play-off requirement is 20 times, this will have to be calculated at 100, so I’ll have to make a betting volume of 2000.

“Playthrough” Gaming Requirements

These are the optimal play requirements. In practice, unlike those previously seen, these requirements are obtained by aiming a certain number of times exclusively the bonus sum, not to mention the share of your deposit.

Which games help meet the wagering requirement?

Each online casino game contributes differently to the achievement of the betting requirement. That’s right. Basically, depending on the game you play the weight of your bets will be different. Usually, for arcade games and slot machines the contribution is 100%, so if you play 1st this will be worth as 1st to climb from the betting requirement. On the other hand, if you play a game with a 10% contribution, for every euro played you will scale the requirement of 0.10 euros. Contribution percentages are found in the bonus details (terms and conditions) of each online casino.

Bonus without deposit

Some online casinos give money without an initial deposit. Of course, this initiative is as convenient for the customer as for them, as they want the same new player to become a customer and maybe a regular customer. If you have never found a casino with bonuses without deposit, here’s how it works: you access the site (with registration or without, it depends on the casino) and you receive a certain amount (usually 10 to 30 euros) with which you can play in games with real money. In any case, in order to collect this award you must register and send your documents as required by all casinos. Most of the time, such a bonus is given simply by signing up and allowing the money to be sent only after the documents are applied, while other casinos allow you to get a bonus without registration but by associating the game with a certain IP.