Playing online blackjack brings a number of very interesting advantages for all bettors who decide to bet on this specialty. Although poker is the most popular card game, online blackjack is certainly the one with the highest payout conditions, especially considering that you are competing only with the dealer and never with other players. This is one of the many reasons that are contributing to the success of online blackjack among Italian AAMS casinos.

Playing on AAMS casinos

To play online blackjack on authorised arcades AAMS had to wait until July 18, 2011, the day when the cash game was liberalized also in Italy, that is the game mode that allows you to play with un predetermined amounts of credit. Playing online blackjack so you’ll always have the chance to decide how much credit to play but also how long to play. Since there is no “tournament” form, you can get up from the table whenever you want. For this reason, when you have already obtained a good loot in online blackjack, you can greet everyone and leave or better yet, in case you are playing by mobile device or during a wait, you can finish the game when you arrive at your destination or when your turn has arrived.

High Payouts

One of the sure advantages of playing online blackjack is the high payouts, which are payment rates. In online casinos you can find either live online blackjack tables (i.e. video linking with real dealers) or forms of software gaming. In these automatic games the payouts are very high and this has contributed greatly to the popularity achieved by online blackjack since the first year of arrival in Italy.

Web resources

Online blackjack is the most winning card game ever. To better explain this statement let’s consider some elements such as payouts (as we have already highlighted) and mathematical strategies. Experienced players use strategies to significantly lower your home odds, giving you more margin for victory. The beauty is that these strategies you can find them on the internet starting from our site. Although online blackjack strategies require practice and application, these are far from impossible and therefore will certainly benefit you in the medium term. All this is confirmed by the incredible success that online blackjack has achieved in the very first months since the introduction on AAMS casinos such as William Hill Casino, 888 Casinos, StarCasin√≤ and others.