Roulette Online French

Roulette is a fairly recent game compared to card and dice. In fact, the element that characterizes the game is precisely that of the wheel, a mechanism that was optimized in France in the eighteenth century but that was originating from a much older Italian game called “Girella”. Today, Roulette is the most popular casino game, thanks to the mixture of luck and statistical skill, as well as chromatic elegance. In fact, the Roulette features a very elegant, green or red gaming table (depending on the variant) with a hypnotic game scheme and the mechanism of the wheel to say the least intriguing. The high possible payouts are another element that explains why this game is so successful.

Roulette variants

The Roulette game has few variations including the American, French and European. In fact, the most important difference is with the American one because of the presence of double zero. While this may seem like a minor difference, adding an extra number is statistically significant. In fact, if on the European Roulette and French guess a dry number means to have a chance on 37, in the American Roulette it means to have a chance on 38. This factor in the long run is very important, as having less chance of winning on the one hand involves more difficulties, but from another point of view it means more significant winnings. In the American variant of Roulette, double zero is located on the opposite side of the single zero.

The Roulette Table

As we can see in more detail in other specific articles on our site, the Roulette table is made up of different sections that include numbers and betting types such as: red, black, even, odd, numbers from 1 to 18, numbers from 19 to 36, dozens, columns etc. The arrangement of the numbers on the display also allows you to place unique bets on neighboring numbers such as pairs, triplets, quarters and sextines.

Roulette Online

Until a few years ago to play Roulette you had to go to Sanremo, Venice, Champion of Italy, Saint Vincent or beyond the border. Today, however, you can play comfortably from home without having to put yourself in the car and without necessarily having to wear a dress. You can play as, when and as much as you want, for real money and safe at the many AAMS online casinos that we mention on our portal. All you need to play is to register for free and download the game platform (or alternatively play online via browser). Some online casinos allow you to play even without registration, but of course only in the version with virtual money.